Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponudu Fashion Coin Airdrop is worth up to 34,000 FSHN coins (~$ 34). Share your referral link to earn 1,000 FSHN coins (~$ 1) for every referral, up to 20 referrals.  About Fashion Coin Fashion Coin is a purely peer-2-peer version of electronic cash for Generation Z. Based on creativity, game theory and steganography+cryptography, […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponudu NOS Initiative Airdrop is worth up to 30 XNOS coins (~$ 0.25). Share your referral link to earn 10 XNOS coins (~$ 0.08) for every referral, up to 9 referrals.   About NOS Initiative NOS is a non-profit outreach campaign for Nollar powered by the FREE distribution of XNOS. NOS has recruited the […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponudu BTSCOIN Airdrop is worth 100 BTSC tokens (~$ 10). About BTSCOIN The BTS Platform is a new platform for culture and arts ecosystem platforms targeting the entire entertainment industry such as music, movies, and TV shows. The BTS provides a platform that can be applied to various cultural arts […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponuduBitForex Airdrop is worth 70 BF tokens for new users, 50 BF tokens for existing users and also a change to win a grand pize of 1000 BF tokens. About BitForex BitForex is the world’s leading digital asset trading platform dedicated to providing users with safe, professional and convenient digital currency trading […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponudumHealthCoin Airdrop is worth up to 1400 MHEC tokens (~$ 14). Share your referral link to earn 100 MHEC tokens (~$ 1) for every referral. There are mandatory tasks to earn 600 MHEC tokens and bonus tasks to earn additional 500 MHEC tokens. Complete all tasks to get an extra of 300 […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponudu CBNT Airdrop is worth up to 3350 CBNT tokens. Refer your friends to earn up to 20,000 CBNT tokens per referral. About CBNT CBNT is a decentralized professional content sharing community-based on blockchain technology and an ecosystem model of DPGC (Decentralization Professional Generated Content). CBNT will create a win-win ecosystem for […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponudu Foresting Airdrop is worth 1000 PTON tokens (~$ 1.6) and 10 Berry tokens. About Foresting Foresting is a blockchain-based social media platform that deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms. It provides a fair value distribution system for users who are the true owners of the […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponudu Netrum Airdrop is worth 1 NTR coin (~$ 30). Share your referral link to earn 0.25 NTR coin (~$ 7.50) for each referral.  About Netrum (NTR) Netrum offers the solution for all the limitations currently associated with most of the digital currencies. It is developed as a new cryptocurrency that […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponuduXena Exchange Airdrop is worth up to $1,000 worth of Bitcoin. Participants who make their first deposit to BTC Margin Wallet in BTC will receive a bonus equal to the amount transferred up to $1,000 in the equivalent currency. Note: The minimum deposit is $25.  Example: Deposit = 0,015 BTC —> Bonus […]

Klikni ovdje da bi pogledao ponuduVostok Airdrop Round 2 is for WAVES and WCT holders, with a total of 10 million VST tokens. Vostok Airdrop Round 1 is extended with an additional 5000 Waves for a lucky winner!  About Vostok Vostok has been created by ”Sasha Ivanov”, the founder of Waves platform. Vostok is a grand-scale, powerful, lucrative […]


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